Day stop bedwetting

It’s been a while since my last post… well, not just a while actually, but been so long *lol*…
Honestly, I’m not a good writer, that’s why I’ll never will be a famous blogger.
But I also can’t delete this blog. Because, I always worry if someday I probably will forget something that I want or need to remember.

Like this one, I only remember what was happened last Valentine.
It’s also the 1st time we fogging the house. But what important for me is : that’s the 1st time Eba not wearing pampers at night.

Since playgroup grade B, he’s been teached to not wear pampers on day. But to avoiding him from bed wetting, I kept put the pampers when it’s time to sleep at night.
Last Valentine, Eba stop wearing night pampers & since then he got bed wetting only once.

My son already big now. He turn to 5 next month & I still not ready for that. For me, he’ll always be my sweet little baby. And that’s why I keep telling him “please, don’t grow too fast”.


Kamus bahasa ala Eba

Eba, seperti typically anak 4 tahun dengan pemikiran2 kecilnya, sampai hari ini kadang-kadang masih membuatku takjub.

Sebenarnya bukan cuma Eba, tapi juga Glenn. Why? Karena dari otak2 kecil mereka itu kadang-kadang keluar hal-hal kecil lain yang lucu tapi kadang juga amazing for me.

Glenn yang kalau bicara belum cukup jelas & kadang-kadang terkesan kurang pinter (padahal dia tu pinter kok, beneran…) bisa ABC dengan benar, bisa dikte dengan benar & bisa mengulang lagu dengan benar dengan nada yang juga benar, & he’s only 3 y.o.

Kenapa kubilang “dengan nada yang benar”?, karena… Eba kadang-kadang masih menyanyi dengan nada yang ga jelas & membuat pendengarnya mesti mendengarkan dengan tekun supaya bisa tau lagu yang dimaksudkannya.

Minggu kemarin, selagi duduk di mobil dalam perjalanan menuju rumah, Eba tiba-tiba menunjuk burung-burung kecil sambil mengatakan “itu burungnya Tuhan”.

Aku kaget & bertanya “burungnya Tuhan?”, trus Eba bilang “itu kan burung gereja, karena burung gereja berarti burungnya Tuhan”.

OMG… Aku bener-bener ga bisa berhenti ketawa karena itu.

Sebelumnya Eba juga pernah ketemu suster Katolik di Hypermart & bilang ke Ery “papi, itu anunya Tuhan”. Oh oh… jadi sepertinya, temporarily jadi semua hal yang identik dengan gereja & agama akan dibilang “somethingnya Tuhan” oleh Eba 😀

Btw, tambahan untuk kamus bahasa Eba, bubble wrap (yang aku dapat dari pengiriman jam tangan yang kubeli online) disebut “kletek-kletek”, mungkin karena bunyinya waktu dipecah. Eba paling doyan kalau dapet bubble wrap, aku juga suka kaish buat latihan motorik jarinya. Kapan hari, si bubble wrap itu jatuh & Eba langsung bilang “mami, kletek-kleteknya Eba jatuh”, waktu kulihat kalo yang dia maksud ternyata si wrap itu… ya ampun si Eba… 😀 😀

Making passport for Eba

After Bali, this year, I & Ery plan to go to Thailand together with Eba.
Most people would say that it’s a waste, because Eba still too young to understand the meaning of the holiday.
Some people prefer to bring their children to Singapore for a visit to Universal Studios or to Malaysia to look Lego Land.
But we’d like Eba enjoy the holiday, not just a process of playing but also to view the scenery, digest culture and education.

I myself, wasn’t so fortunate as a child, after becoming an adults and work hard, I can begin to go to see the world, though only as far as Bangkok and Seoul.

Different to Eba, because I and Ery work and we indeed hope to holiday as often as possible by our savings, and because Eba is the only child, then we could say Eba’ll holiday more frequent than his parents (when we was child).

And this time, because of going to abroad, then Eba must have a passport.

This past week, I was browsing and discussions with Ery about it.
Because Ery work in camp and I also work full time Monday to Friday, while the Immigration office in Landasan Ulin (about 26 km dr Banjarmasin), so we decided to make an online passport for Eba.

From the results of browsing some mothers’s blogs who first made passport for toddler, then there are several requirements that must be met, including a photocopy of the family certificate (atau kartu keluarga dalam bahasa Indonesia), child birth certificates, marriage licenses and ID cards parents. And there are also people that attach the child’s height as a requirement.

In the last blog (the date of his passport is closest to the current date), it was mentioned that all the completeness of the data no longer need to be attached, so simply fill out the form online, pay in bank and wait for the photo schedule.

So, what should be done now is to prepare all the data (original and photocopy) and then follow the procedure.

Wish me luck.

Let’s go to school Glenn ^_^

As Ery said “Eba always happy when it’s time to go to school”, which is vice versa with Glenn, my sister’s 3rd son, who always whining every morning.

As Ery said “Eba always happy when it’s time to go to school”, which is vice versa with Glenn, my sister 3rd son, who always whinning every morning.

Because my sister recently has a baby about 1,5 months ago, their family driver should drop his older brothers to school earlier & my brother in law can’t take Glenn to school to avoid Glenn cry worse, so it’s me who has to take the responsibility every morning.

Sometimes, it’s very easy because Glenn just keep saying “I don’t want to go to school”, but he keep going into classroom.

But sometimes, he cry so hard & become very annoying.

This is what was happen this morning, when I ask Eba & Glenn to taking picture before they going to class.

2014-10-10 07.42.39

Eba going 4 y.o

Not so long from now, my lovely son, the apple of my eye, Sebastian Leonard Wibowo, going 4 years old.

If I can say, it feel like time flies.

But to be honest, it’s not fly so fast.

A lot of things happen since he was born. Eba got ill, operation, circumstances, getting healthy, 1st step, 1st word, 1st birthday party, 1st quarrel, 1st day to school, 1st day he came home & say a little girl prettier than his mom… so many 1st thing happen & that’s not last yet.

I should thank God for giving me a son like Eba. He teach me a lot (lot of patience & love for no reason). With every tears & anger, with every hugs & kisses, with every conversation & smell of baby… he coloring my world & my life.

4 is a very young age, still a lot to learn, long way to go… I wish Eba will have a lot of fun time, also hard time to keep him learn from life. Every year that when he celebrate it, with or without me, hopefully will remain with grateful by him.

I love you son, as others say, to the moon & back *kisses*

Sin of a Family – sad, sad, sad

I just finish watch a Korean movie, Sin of a Family.
It’s a crime story, about murderer of an autistic child name Min Hwan.
At 1st, I watch it because it’s about child murderer & I think it’ll be a bad crime story.
In fact, it’s really bad, but in a sad way.
And yes, I cry at the end.
Because the one who killed this child is his own mother.
And it’s not because of his autism but because his mom is sick & gonna die & she afraid of what will happen to Min Hwan when she die.
It’s a tragedy & even I know it’s only a movie, but it’s really break my heart.

Today, I fly to Surabaya to reunion with my besties Vivien.
And I left Eba in Banjarmasin with my mom for 2 reason, 1 because he school & 2 because I just go 2 days & it’ll spend too much money if I should bring Eba & my mom or Made.
And this afternoon, my mom called & told me that Eba got a fever.
It’s bad 😦

And watching a sad crime story absolutely no help.
Wish Eba will be better tomorrow.
Sorry son, for being a selfish mommy.
Mommy wilk going home soon.
Please be good.
Mommy love you :((

For Eba

Eba turned 3 years old today.
And it’s feel very… complicated.

Sometimes I feel “OMG, this little worm won’t let my nerve get rest”.
But then it feel “God, please don’t let him growing bigger too fast, I still want to hug him, kiss his baby breath, tickling his small hand & foot”.

I think this is the phase of being a mom.

To be pregnant, giving birth, raising a child.
There’s a lot of emotion & need a lot nerve to bend, big voice to scream, strong heart to scold, big arms to hug, a lot of smile, laugh & tears to show how much we love our children.

This also the process to learn.
To encourage our own heart to be brave, to love, to let go, to take care & then, to let go.

I was a hard child to my mom.
I once was a daughter who a dissident.
I try to hurt my mom as much as I feel hurt for everything she said.
Everything that she might said for my own good sake.

Well, I’m not proud of it.
But I learn a lot….
To care more, to love more, to hear more, to be more patient & it still growing.

And yes, I learn, there’s never too late to learn.

Back to Eba…
I really thank God for his 3 years & wish all the best for his years coming.
I know that I’m not a good mom, not as good as I wish for.
But, the years coming & I still have time to let him know, how much I love him, how big space I’ve in my heart for him, how much I will to release everything just to keep him safe & warm, happy & wealthy.
I also will teach him a lot of good thing and also bad things.
Teach him to be nice, humble, self concious & feel love.

And someday… I only wish that he’ll stand strong, face his own world, know that he can & he deserve to get the best, because he’s very special, not only for God, for me & his daddy, but also for the others.

Happy birthday “buntil”, mommy love you so much.