Pixel blocks/diamond blocks

I’ve got a new addiction lately, build a shape/character that named pixel blocks or diamond blocks.
It’s a tiny blocks, much smaller than lego.
I haven’t make a difficult shape, started from the easier one.
At first I made apple, it’s the most easier shape, after that a lion character named Wang Baek Su, Brown bear & Chinese vampire.

my 1st pixel blocks

my 1st pixel blocks

Still on next project is Mickey & Minnie.
After that I think to make a more difficult shape, maybe building or a character set that more complex.
I like this activity, I use #trainmybrain’s hastag to post the picture on my Instagram & yes, it really did train my brain ^_^

a lion named Wang Baek Su

a lion named Wang Baek Su

Brown bathing

Brown bathing


Long time

What’s the title mean? Long time? That’s all?

Well, actually, I don’t know what to write as a title. I’m not a good writer & worst in creating a title, lol…

But, let me start by counting…

It’s been a long time since my last blog & in the meantime, a lot of things happen…

I start join (again) with regular social gathering with my old school friends.

Eba getting higher.

I was travel to Surabaya to met my bestie, Vivien & her family, go to Basha Market (it’s a kind of event that now hip in Indonesia, bazaar or something like thatlah), met Pupu Paula in there, she’s a girl who love vintage, I think her style like a piccadily or pin up girl & in fact I really enjoy my time there.

Before that, I go to Jakarta with Ery & Eba & visit Ikea. Saw a lot of cute & good stuffs, bought some snacks from Sweden & love it (yes, I really like a speculoos cookies, who can blame me for that?).

My job getting better, at last, I get more opportunity to be listening & work more co-operated with other. Oh, and there’s a new English class at the office. It’s a conversation class & should I tell you how much I love “conversation”? 😀

I watch 2 great movie in a week, the 1st is Fast & Furious 7 & other is Avenger : the Age of Ultron. Both are the movie that put on the waiting list of almost movie freak. But Fast 7 is the best. Since it has the late Paul Walker in it & the story (even though my sister saif “impossible”) but it really show us about friendship, family & love (nothing more important than family). I quote Vin Diesel on Fast 7 here “I don’t have friends, I ot family”.

Last Monday, ngku Ito (one of my mother in law’s brother) were passed away. RIP.

And yesterday, Eba got his own Baymax, as big as his body… oouuch…

A lot of things that passed… still lot to come… well, my life always been very vary ^_^

Kamus bahasa ala Eba

Eba, seperti typically anak 4 tahun dengan pemikiran2 kecilnya, sampai hari ini kadang-kadang masih membuatku takjub.

Sebenarnya bukan cuma Eba, tapi juga Glenn. Why? Karena dari otak2 kecil mereka itu kadang-kadang keluar hal-hal kecil lain yang lucu tapi kadang juga amazing for me.

Glenn yang kalau bicara belum cukup jelas & kadang-kadang terkesan kurang pinter (padahal dia tu pinter kok, beneran…) bisa ABC dengan benar, bisa dikte dengan benar & bisa mengulang lagu dengan benar dengan nada yang juga benar, & he’s only 3 y.o.

Kenapa kubilang “dengan nada yang benar”?, karena… Eba kadang-kadang masih menyanyi dengan nada yang ga jelas & membuat pendengarnya mesti mendengarkan dengan tekun supaya bisa tau lagu yang dimaksudkannya.

Minggu kemarin, selagi duduk di mobil dalam perjalanan menuju rumah, Eba tiba-tiba menunjuk burung-burung kecil sambil mengatakan “itu burungnya Tuhan”.

Aku kaget & bertanya “burungnya Tuhan?”, trus Eba bilang “itu kan burung gereja, karena burung gereja berarti burungnya Tuhan”.

OMG… Aku bener-bener ga bisa berhenti ketawa karena itu.

Sebelumnya Eba juga pernah ketemu suster Katolik di Hypermart & bilang ke Ery “papi, itu anunya Tuhan”. Oh oh… jadi sepertinya, temporarily jadi semua hal yang identik dengan gereja & agama akan dibilang “somethingnya Tuhan” oleh Eba 😀

Btw, tambahan untuk kamus bahasa Eba, bubble wrap (yang aku dapat dari pengiriman jam tangan yang kubeli online) disebut “kletek-kletek”, mungkin karena bunyinya waktu dipecah. Eba paling doyan kalau dapet bubble wrap, aku juga suka kaish buat latihan motorik jarinya. Kapan hari, si bubble wrap itu jatuh & Eba langsung bilang “mami, kletek-kleteknya Eba jatuh”, waktu kulihat kalo yang dia maksud ternyata si wrap itu… ya ampun si Eba… 😀 😀

Chinese Indonesia ^_^

LOL, this is very true. I remember 1 of the Chinese New Year’s tradition which my mom still doing until now is “shouldn’t sweep the floor at the Imlek”. After so many guests, friends, family and colleagues, with many crumbs of cake, candy wrappers, lemonade or cola split, can you imagine it … oh … oh …

Solena Chaniago

As usual, when I’ve nothing to do @ the office, I watch You Tube, mostly talk show, like Hitam Putih which aired on Trans7 or Sarah Sechan which aired on Net.

Today, I watch a very inspiring show on Hitam Putih about transgender named Solena Chaniago, that aired on Oct. 14th’ 14.
Why I said it was inspriring, because she face her life that hard to face for mostly people with wise attitude.

Last few years some transgender from Indonesia come out to public with their status. Start with Sam Brodie (who change from man to woman & back to man again), Dena Rachman & last but not least is Solena Chaniago.

And always, their come out is have a big impact in Indonesia. I saw on You Tube, so many comment that say how they fell out into sin, the stigma that stick to them as a bigger sinner. And in Indonesia, religion is very a big issue.

But when Deddy Corbuzier asked her about her reaction to people who damned her, she answer it wisely, “That being a transgender is not her choice, it’s her destiny.”

As Pope Francis said “When I meet a gay person, I have to distinguish between their being gay and being part of a lobby. If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them? They shouldn’t be marginalized. The tendency [to homosexuality] is not the problem…they’re our brothers.”

Below is the video that I’ve talked about.

Making passport for Eba

After Bali, this year, I & Ery plan to go to Thailand together with Eba.
Most people would say that it’s a waste, because Eba still too young to understand the meaning of the holiday.
Some people prefer to bring their children to Singapore for a visit to Universal Studios or to Malaysia to look Lego Land.
But we’d like Eba enjoy the holiday, not just a process of playing but also to view the scenery, digest culture and education.

I myself, wasn’t so fortunate as a child, after becoming an adults and work hard, I can begin to go to see the world, though only as far as Bangkok and Seoul.

Different to Eba, because I and Ery work and we indeed hope to holiday as often as possible by our savings, and because Eba is the only child, then we could say Eba’ll holiday more frequent than his parents (when we was child).

And this time, because of going to abroad, then Eba must have a passport.

This past week, I was browsing and discussions with Ery about it.
Because Ery work in camp and I also work full time Monday to Friday, while the Immigration office in Landasan Ulin (about 26 km dr Banjarmasin), so we decided to make an online passport for Eba.

From the results of browsing some mothers’s blogs who first made passport for toddler, then there are several requirements that must be met, including a photocopy of the family certificate (atau kartu keluarga dalam bahasa Indonesia), child birth certificates, marriage licenses and ID cards parents. And there are also people that attach the child’s height as a requirement.

In the last blog (the date of his passport is closest to the current date), it was mentioned that all the completeness of the data no longer need to be attached, so simply fill out the form online, pay in bank and wait for the photo schedule.

So, what should be done now is to prepare all the data (original and photocopy) and then follow the procedure.

Wish me luck.

And it still goes…

My birthday celebration didn’t stop on Sunday.
It keep going, on Monday I got a lot of greetings from my colleagues, even from my boss.

Also got birthday cake, lol…

And on Facebook, there’s also many greetings until today.
And I feel so greatful…
For my live, for my friends for for everything I’ve got for whole this 38 years.
Good nor bad, all that happens was made me today.
Thank you God, for creating me.