So this is December

I love December. Since my childhood, I always waiting for the last month of every year. Not just because Christmas is around the corner, but because it’s also the month before the year changed.

Living in a tropic country & from a very simple family (you can read it poor, but I won’t say it, because I know how hard my mom try to make all of our need completed), I never have a chance to go for a holiday, not around Indonesia, and off course not to abroad.

But, every December full with Christmas preparation. My mom usually sell cake to people who ordered. Off course she bake some for her children too, the children who never get enough with everything that can chewed & bite. And that’s the mean of preparation 😀

When I’m bigger, around high school if I’m not wrong, my mom bought a Christmas tree from a neighbor who moved to other city. And although it’s not new, but it bring a happiness for me & my siblings. We often decorate the tree with a lot of things & when the light’s turn on for the first time is always makes me gasp.

After I got a decent job & I can go to Surabaya to party (oh yes, that’s the period when I really enjoying my time as a young woman with her own money), I bought a new tree & bring it home. Since then, that old tree is donated to others & my house officially got a new tree.

Time flies… The last time I decorate my Christmas tree is 3 years ago. After the 1st year at my own house, I still decorate those tree at my mom’s. But then, I become to lazy to disassembling & pack it all back to the box. So, my mom did it.

But after that, my mom told me to stop decorate the tree, except if I’ll pack it by myself at the new year.

So, our Christmas tree never stand again. And the intention to buy my own Christmas tree for my own house just left with never being real. And December come & go, elapse with the year which coming.

But I still love December… no matter what, with or without snow, with or without Christmas tree, but this time, we can go for a year end holiday.

This is the best month ever ^_^