Passport expired

Because my passport will be expired less than 5 months, I should re-new it.
And should do it before too late (consider my habit lazing).
Ery has tried re-new his passport online & he said everything is so easy.
Well, obviously, it’s not for me.

Since last week, I prepare every documents & have it scanned today.
Today, on my lunch break, I go right to & register to re-new my passport online.
Everything was fine, I refill every data they need (it’s showed by a small red star in every question that you need to fill) & straight to step 3, which is “proses pembayaran a.k.a payment process”.

Because it should pay onsite at BNI, we’ve to wait for the confirmation email from
But… after 2 hours & 2x re-send (yes, I’m the kind of that impatient people that will re-send every 45 mins just to make you mad), I still haven’t get the email.

When I asked Ery, “what’s going on, is everything OK, or am I doing something wrong?”.
Ery said, that he also don’t remember how long they (the “spri”) need before he got his confirmation email.

So, OK, I’ll wait until tomorrow & if the email still not there, then it means I should go to the imigration office by myself than get any other trouble that will make me drop (because that’s me, I’m so easy to think a bad thing as a “sign”).


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