Day stop bedwetting

It’s been a while since my last post… well, not just a while actually, but been so long *lol*…
Honestly, I’m not a good writer, that’s why I’ll never will be a famous blogger.
But I also can’t delete this blog. Because, I always worry if someday I probably will forget something that I want or need to remember.

Like this one, I only remember what was happened last Valentine.
It’s also the 1st time we fogging the house. But what important for me is : that’s the 1st time Eba not wearing pampers at night.

Since playgroup grade B, he’s been teached to not wear pampers on day. But to avoiding him from bed wetting, I kept put the pampers when it’s time to sleep at night.
Last Valentine, Eba stop wearing night pampers & since then he got bed wetting only once.

My son already big now. He turn to 5 next month & I still not ready for that. For me, he’ll always be my sweet little baby. And that’s why I keep telling him “please, don’t grow too fast”.