Stalking on Instagram

I’ve got addicted to Instagram.
Won’t yelling for help, because it’s too good to stick on.
My sister told me that almost like I stalking others life, but I think that’s the point of people who’s got an Instagram account.
If they don’t want to be stalk, they can make the private account or better stay away from Instagram.

I’d like to follow & check some blogger’s Ig, mostly still Indonesian blogger, like Anastasia Siantar, Evita Nuh or Olivia Lazuardy.
But I also have Cheeserland, Xia Xue, Bong Qiu Qiu & Yutakis (all of them are based in Singapore) on my following list.
Not because I like to style or do beauty thing like them, but because I really like to see their style & do beautiful things, lol…

Oh, another reason, Xia Xue updating her Ig with her son pic, Dash, a very cute little boy that will make me in trouble by pinch his cheeks if he’s near me.

Blogger Xia Xue & her son, Dash

And it’s easier to open Ig from my Note 4, rather than open the blog (connection & viewing problem).

Well, yes, I might be a stalker on minimum risk level… 😀 😀

Anastasia Siantar

Anastasia Siantar

Yutakis James, the pretty prince


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