Long time

What’s the title mean? Long time? That’s all?

Well, actually, I don’t know what to write as a title. I’m not a good writer & worst in creating a title, lol…

But, let me start by counting…

It’s been a long time since my last blog & in the meantime, a lot of things happen…

I start join (again) with regular social gathering with my old school friends.

Eba getting higher.

I was travel to Surabaya to met my bestie, Vivien & her family, go to Basha Market (it’s a kind of event that now hip in Indonesia, bazaar or something like thatlah), met Pupu Paula in there, she’s a girl who love vintage, I think her style like a piccadily or pin up girl & in fact I really enjoy my time there.

Before that, I go to Jakarta with Ery & Eba & visit Ikea. Saw a lot of cute & good stuffs, bought some snacks from Sweden & love it (yes, I really like a speculoos cookies, who can blame me for that?).

My job getting better, at last, I get more opportunity to be listening & work more co-operated with other. Oh, and there’s a new English class at the office. It’s a conversation class & should I tell you how much I love “conversation”? 😀

I watch 2 great movie in a week, the 1st is Fast & Furious 7 & other is Avenger : the Age of Ultron. Both are the movie that put on the waiting list of almost movie freak. But Fast 7 is the best. Since it has the late Paul Walker in it & the story (even though my sister saif “impossible”) but it really show us about friendship, family & love (nothing more important than family). I quote Vin Diesel on Fast 7 here “I don’t have friends, I ot family”.

Last Monday, ngku Ito (one of my mother in law’s brother) were passed away. RIP.

And yesterday, Eba got his own Baymax, as big as his body… oouuch…

A lot of things that passed… still lot to come… well, my life always been very vary ^_^