Today is the 38th time I meet with February 1st. A lot of things happened, good & bad, up & downs. I just want to thank you Lord. For everything I’ve got. This is me, my life & I feel greatful to be me. Thank you.


Stop privatisation

Yesterday, I’ve decided to stop privatisation of my blog on WordPress. I don’t know when will it start, but soon for sure, my blog address won’t be http://ingridleonard.com/ anymore, but going to have .wordpress.com behind.
At first I made blog just to note what I think or feel & on the way, it doesn’t work as good as I wish.
I didn’t become a better blog writer, my post is so rare & most of my idea just gone with the wind.
But I still don’t want to delete my blogs.
I still have other old blogs on Blogspot & didn’t desire to continue it.
And this blog for now, will be the only that I share with world.
I start to post more things, not only pictures on Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr, but also books I’ve read on Goodreads.
Hopefully, this year, my blog will be more colorful a.k.a I write more often (just a good wish won’t hurt anybody, lol).

1st day on 2015

As officially, this is the 1st day on 2015 for me to work & start my daily activities again after a long holiday.

I’ve sleep 9 hours (since 9 pm last night), but still lazy to open my eyes & start moving.

But after shower, wearing my new skirt & the suit for 1st day working (again), I feel more spirit than I used to.

This is gonna be a good year (hopefully) & I’ll try hard to make it good.