Firasatku by Piyu feat. Rendy Pandugo & Ina Kamarie

Piyu is one of musician that I really like. He’s a guitarist for his band, Padi, also one of my favorite Indonesian band.

This song, Firasatku, is one of his solo project. I post 2 version, acoustic that used as OST for Indonesian movie, Aku Cinta Kamu, featuring Rendy Pandugo, a guitarist that known as “Indonesian John Mayer” & another version with full music that featuring Ina Kamarie (ex Dewi-Dewi, another Indonesian band).


3 days more

So, here we are, 3 days before November last…

The time goes by, people say time flies so fast & when we’re looking back, it’s already gone so far, the worst is none we can do to slow it down.

3 days more December will come, after that a new year will starting over again & it keep going until next year & next year & another next year.

And what I’ve got?

At least for this year, I made a¬†goal, taking my mom to Bali. I try not making too much or too big goal. But hopefully, when I make 1 again, I’ll have chance to keep the goal & make it true.

And when it happen, then going through a year will be so fun ^_^