Eba going 4 y.o

Not so long from now, my lovely son, the apple of my eye, Sebastian Leonard Wibowo, going 4 years old.

If I can say, it feel like time flies.

But to be honest, it’s not fly so fast.

A lot of things happen since he was born. Eba got ill, operation, circumstances, getting healthy, 1st step, 1st word, 1st birthday party, 1st quarrel, 1st day to school, 1st day he came home & say a little girl prettier than his mom… so many 1st thing happen & that’s not last yet.

I should thank God for giving me a son like Eba. He teach me a lot (lot of patience & love for no reason). With every tears & anger, with every hugs & kisses, with every conversation & smell of baby… he coloring my world & my life.

4 is a very young age, still a lot to learn, long way to go… I wish Eba will have a lot of fun time, also hard time to keep him learn from life. Every year that when he celebrate it, with or without me, hopefully will remain with grateful by him.

I love you son, as others say, to the moon & back *kisses*


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