It’s Halloween

So, today is Halloween, celebration once a year where so many ghost, witches, sorcerers, devil & many more devilish things going around.


Too bad I didn’t live in a country where Halloween celebrate as a festival.
Halloween in Indonesia more like party, socialites or youngsters or party people involved.
There’s no kids going around in costumes in their neighborhood, scrolling & screaming & yelling “trick or treats” to get candies or other sweets.

Actually I really wish someday Eba can feel the festive of Halloween.
It’s different from Christmas or Easter.
It’s the only time where a kid can go around at night, wearing spooky costumes without fear, begging for sweets & satisfy their sweet tooth.

Happy Halloween for every friends who celebrate… boo… hoo….




My habit when do a house working is watching TV. No matter it’s a TV channel or playing movie on VCS player, but I really love hearing the noise & see saw the pictures that goes by.

I didn’t put all of my attention to the screen off course, because if I did it, then my house work won’t ever finish & that’s bad, lol…

So, last Sunday night, when I ironing the clothes, I got stuck with this movie on RED channel. That movie’s title is Nana 2. I’ve been watching Nana, the first movie few weeks later & got surprised that the movie has a sequel.

Nana (movie)

Nana (movie)

Nana 2 (movie)

Nana 2 (movie)

I know that this movie based on a manga (Japanese comic), with the same title Nana, because few years ago, I’ve already read the comic. Too bad I didn’t finish it, as I know the work still going on & the writer didn’t finish it yet. So, even it’s kind of different story, I still eager to see the movie & waiting to know the ending.

Nana (manga cover)

Nana (manga cover)

The story basically is about 2 young girls, whom both called Nana, who try chasing their dreams. This 2 girls are so different, from their outside look to their inside part. But both of them share the same passion to make their dreams come true.

The movie basically show their character more real & although the movie set is on 2005, it still feels not far from my own era.

This is a great movie for a young girl (despite of their view to sex which is maybe will be too open too some older people), but to show that a dream should chased, this is totally a great movie to see.

  1. S. I’ve got crush with the band members, each of them are so interesting.

Let’s go to school Glenn ^_^

As Ery said “Eba always happy when it’s time to go to school”, which is vice versa with Glenn, my sister’s 3rd son, who always whining every morning.

As Ery said “Eba always happy when it’s time to go to school”, which is vice versa with Glenn, my sister 3rd son, who always whinning every morning.

Because my sister recently has a baby about 1,5 months ago, their family driver should drop his older brothers to school earlier & my brother in law can’t take Glenn to school to avoid Glenn cry worse, so it’s me who has to take the responsibility every morning.

Sometimes, it’s very easy because Glenn just keep saying “I don’t want to go to school”, but he keep going into classroom.

But sometimes, he cry so hard & become very annoying.

This is what was happen this morning, when I ask Eba & Glenn to taking picture before they going to class.

2014-10-10 07.42.39

Eba going 4 y.o

Not so long from now, my lovely son, the apple of my eye, Sebastian Leonard Wibowo, going 4 years old.

If I can say, it feel like time flies.

But to be honest, it’s not fly so fast.

A lot of things happen since he was born. Eba got ill, operation, circumstances, getting healthy, 1st step, 1st word, 1st birthday party, 1st quarrel, 1st day to school, 1st day he came home & say a little girl prettier than his mom… so many 1st thing happen & that’s not last yet.

I should thank God for giving me a son like Eba. He teach me a lot (lot of patience & love for no reason). With every tears & anger, with every hugs & kisses, with every conversation & smell of baby… he coloring my world & my life.

4 is a very young age, still a lot to learn, long way to go… I wish Eba will have a lot of fun time, also hard time to keep him learn from life. Every year that when he celebrate it, with or without me, hopefully will remain with grateful by him.

I love you son, as others say, to the moon & back *kisses*