I wanna visit Seoul again…

After visiting Seoul 3 years ago, I kept thinking to go back there.

Remains alone by myself, but with previous experience, also with the rapid development of South Korea itself, I’m so sure this time it’ll be more fun.

On my 1st visit, I even forgot to bring pocket camera, so I had to use my Nokia N8 to record & take photos (fortunately at that time, the technology and N8’s 12 MP camera is very helpful).

In the upcoming visit, the camera will be the 1st thing that goes on the list of “stuff that should be taken”.

In addition, 3 years ago, for some reason, my cell network doesn’t support to communicate with the family at home, & because my own stupidity, I also forgot to hire a local mobile at the airport (because we can’t buy any communication things in there except if we have a local ID).

So to make sure that my cell phone can be used is the 2nd most important thing to do.

3 years ago, it was very difficult to find someone who willing to talk to a stranger who don’t know Hangul at all. Beside that, because searched for a friend in time of urgency, it’s very difficult to get a friend who can be asked about anything there.

Fortunately (again), that time in the hostel, I met 3 youth from Surabaya, who already stayed about 1 month, which happens to be very friendly, welcomed me very well & for the 1st 2 days preventing me from getting lost.

They taught me how to used MRT & how to greet people to make them pay attention on me (only by saying “annyeong haseyo” or hello in English & never forget to say “kamsahamnida” which means thank you). They also took me to many places that I really like (Gangnam gu, JYP & SM Entertainment’s office, lol).

So… althought don’t know when (I really wish someday in the next year *crossing fingers* ), but I’ll definitely be back to visit Seoul again.

There’re still so many places I want to see & visit.

So Seoul, please wait for me back ^_^