Kedai 1001 Mimpi


After 3 months long (over a distance of Bjm-Jkt and vice versa), I finally finished reading a book called “Kedai 1001 Mimpi”, written by Valiant Budi .
This book contains the story of those days lived by the author during his work at the coffee shop Sky Rabbit, in Alkhobar (at KSA – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) .
The contents of the book is very light story, many events are funny and sad, yet very informative about a country that had we thought was a holiest place in the world (remember this is where the Quran was revealed) .
So far, many Indonesian migrant workers who work in KSA and many are back with happiness and bring a lot of riyals .
But there also a lot of bad news about number of workers who returned with sadness, because rape or not even paid, or even can’t back home, because it was beheaded there .
This book makes all the stories about the pain and the happiness of migrant workers feels more real .
Not surprisingly, many people who still want to work in KSA but I believe, no less the number who want to go home and just work in Indonesia.
Yes, as said by one of Vibi’s American customer (which is very memorable for me) ” they’ve the rotten personality, had nothing to do with Islam” .
I believe that all religions are good and true, and that all religions teach us to respect and love, without exception, even to a waiter though.


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