The Liar and His Lover (official trailer)

Do you believe love at first sight?


The Liar and His Lover



So, talking about Aki Ogasawara, the man who interest me at first sight, from the movie “The Liar and His Lover“.

ImageThis is Aki Ogasawara (played by Takeru Sato), photo courtesy of @dreamingsnowflake2013.


The story is about a man named Aki who quit from his band, Crude Play, for technical reason, but still create song for his band.

He fall in love with a girl named Riko, who in band herself with her childhood friends.

ImageAnd this is Riko & her band, photo courtesy of @dreamingsnowflake2013.


I can’t tell the end, because I don’t yet finish watching it by myself (but I keep searching & check YouTube, Instagram & other media to find the full movie).

The story is based on manga “Kanojo wa Uso o Aishisugiteru” by Kotomi Aoki.

When I browsing, I found out that manga is already published in my country, so, maybe if I can find the whole series, I’ll buy the manga too.

Nah, why I became a maniac… ckkk… ckkk…

One day trip & movie (when YouTube not much help)

Yesterday, I had to do one day trip to the Jakarta office to ask for signature of Mr. Ferry Hezman (my former area manager) .

I get roundtrip ticket with Garuda. So, even though the one day trip was very tiring but with the good transportation, it’s not felt too bad.

Morning flight, Garuda with a new unit, and each passenger get their own TV.
Since the weather is less friendly, a little turbulence and also still a bit sleepy, I initially thought not to watch anything, but then after looking the menu, I decided to watch one Japanese movie titled “The Liar and His Lover”.

And… it’s completely the wrong decision 😦
Because I really enjoyed the film but the film was too long, so the flight time to Jakarta is not sufficient to complete the film.
And… my hope to finish it on the way home also failed… because night flight didn’t using the new aircraft with 1 TV screens for each passenger, but small TV screen that hang on the ceiling and 1 screen for a couple of benches to the back .

Stupid 😥
Because I REALLY, REALLY WANT to finish watch that movie.

And even worse, after seeing on YouTube, it turns out there is no full recording for the film.

It felt like crying 😥


It’s been so long since I felt so bored like now. I don’t know why, but it just feels so boring. I had no desire to read magazine or novels or listen to music or even watch a movie.

Maybe I do too much routine and finally just took me to a static situation. Nothing changes, nothing new. Just bored.

And it feels itchy because I don’t know what to do, I don’t even want to do anything, but I know I HAVE to do something to get through.

Yuks, my life is so horrible lately 😦