Why I didn’t make a resolution?

Talking about resolution…

I didn’t make 1 since 2 years ago, why? Because I was made some for past few years & I found that’s very hard to fullfill it.

So, lately, I didn’t make any reolution, even for new year or for my birthday.

When I wish something, like being wiser or more calm, I didn’t take it as resolution. I found it’s very hard to keep a resolution on track. Because it’ll make me try too hard to make it happen until I force to put a new stop point & say, well, let this resolution left behind for next year.

It’s easier when I make a wish & keep it in mind, so the wish probably happen with reason that I’ve tried & let God do the rest.

Yes, I know it’s silly for some people, but it’s work for me.

I just make a wish, try as hard as I can do to make it happen & when it did, I feel glorious, but when I fail, I just make a new wish again.

Mmmm… simple, right? ^_^


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