Yay… this’s the rainy season…

I don’t know why, but I always loved the rain.

No matter when I was poor & didn’t have a vehicle, or when I had a motorcycle & now I already have a car. I still love the rain.

It gave me a kind of feeling… not sad or mellow, not bad or good, but the kind that I can’t explain… just to feel it.

I’m not a person who would walking or dancing down the rain, or splashing water. Because when it rains, I’ll just stay inside, not even watching the water go down, just listen to the sound & “feel it”.


Every rain makes me think about something that’s green (flowers bloom, grass wet) and it also put me in solitude. Feeling of loneliness, a peaceful mind. Not in bad shape, but good.

And it’s only few months each year. It comes and then go with the winds. And I’m waiting for the next rainy season, just because I love it.



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