Allrecipes for me cooking


I’ve just join a free membership of a website named Allrecipes.

At first I only surf the net to find smoothies recipes. But then I found this website & the recipes look delicious yet easy to follow.

And it’s offer a lot of recipes, for daily cook, healthy food, finger food & so on.

I need to learn cooking, how to cook right & healthy & Allrecipes is good enough.

Will try to make smoothies first, then after back from Jakarta (I plan to buy electric oven in there), I’ll able to cook schotel or bake some cookies.

Can’t wait… ^_^


The date : 11.12.13

Today’s date is 11.12.13 (11th December 2013).

It’s a very rare date. You only can have it every 10 years & that’s if you didn’t write the year completely (such as 13 for 2113, 2213 & so on).

From news, I saw a lot of people married on this day (locally, but I’m sure also in another country). And a lot of new baby born today (natural or caesar).

I, myself, didn’t think it’s a very important thing. Everything happen just like that… nothing special.

Because for me, as long as I live, everyday is a very special day.

More space please

When Ery away, Eba sleep with me in my room. But this last 3 days, Eba not feel so pleased, even in his sleep.
He kept moving & grumpying.
So, this queen size bed (about 160 x 200 cm) don’t fit us. I only got about 1/6 part of the bed, while this little fellow turning in the other 5/6, lol…
Just like the song “there 2 in the bed & the little 1 said roll over, roll over”.
Help, we need more space in here 😀



Yay… this’s the rainy season…

I don’t know why, but I always loved the rain.

No matter when I was poor & didn’t have a vehicle, or when I had a motorcycle & now I already have a car. I still love the rain.

It gave me a kind of feeling… not sad or mellow, not bad or good, but the kind that I can’t explain… just to feel it.

I’m not a person who would walking or dancing down the rain, or splashing water. Because when it rains, I’ll just stay inside, not even watching the water go down, just listen to the sound & “feel it”.


Every rain makes me think about something that’s green (flowers bloom, grass wet) and it also put me in solitude. Feeling of loneliness, a peaceful mind. Not in bad shape, but good.

And it’s only few months each year. It comes and then go with the winds. And I’m waiting for the next rainy season, just because I love it.


Welcome December


This was December ^_^

The only time that makes me wait patienly through the other 11 months. My most favorite time of the year.

I won’t have snow (because my country is a tropical country) & since this is my 1st year living in my new house, so I didn’t yet have a Christmas tree & Eba’s still too small to understand (unless he repeatedly says “Santa Claus” everytime he saw this old man appreared in Christmas’s music video), but it’s still not a reason for not happy because it’s December.


Every December come, I’ll have a blue feeling. For elapsed time, for the year gone by, for every little thing (or big) that I failed to do & to every single thing that I can think to be sorry.

But still, this is December. It’s a jolly time, a wonderful time to be with your family, friends & people you love.

So, I’d like to say : Welcome December, I’ve been waiting for you ^_^