Stop using BlackBerry

Today I decide to stop using BlackBerry.

I sent my last broadcast message last night, so every one in my contact list know.

And a lot of them asked me “why?”.

1st reason is because I deciding to only use 2 phone numbers, 1 on my Samsung Note 3 & another 1 is on my Nokia N8.

2nd reason is because I’m tired. I used to think it’s cool to have a lot of gadgets. But now, I’ve spend too much time on gadgets. I own a lot of social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Line, Instagram & so on. I share a lot of things there. And at first it’s OK for me, but then I spending too much time to manage those accounts. And I didn’t only should manage my cyber world accounts, but also has to manage my gadgets, such as software update.

So, I reducing my gadgets & that’s good for me ^_^


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