Secret – Miyavi

This video skanky yet sexy.
Warning : it’s not for kids under 18 y.o.
But his music is very ear catchy & I can’t stop to hear it again & again.

Go to Miyavi official site to know more on :


Unique handmade panties


I discovered the uniques handmade panties brand LoLeviLa on Rebels Market, which is very unique.

For sure, I won’t wear any one of them (which is too sexy, skanky, so not for me)… but still it’s unique & I’m sure, there’s a lot of women in this world would like to wear their products.

Getting BBM on Android

Slowly but sure, my friends at the office & on Facebook turning their device from BlackBerry into Android (Samsung, SmartFren and so on).

Since last Monday, they’re starting to download the BBM app.

Some of them succeed on their 1st trial, while many others are failed & should try to download again & again & again & still got the spinning wheel (like hourglass on BlackBerry, but on Android is a spinning curve). I thought it’s because they’re go into a waiting list.

And me? well… I decide to not going with the flow this time. So, I just waiting, until the rush getting down & then I’ll see again, whether I’ll need the bbm or not.

And what if I didn’t need it? then, I think I won’t have bbm for the rest of my life, like I never download Path or WeChat, This is not a big deal at all ;p


Queue for meat & die

This is today local newpaper headline.


It’s kinda sad to read it.

While another headlines is about rich Indonesian people who bought sports club (which is means it should be spending a lot of money, BIG money), there still a lot of poor people who queue for small amounts of meat, got stuck, even die.

This is my country.

Like it or not, that’s what we really face everyday.

Just imagine, if those rich people, using 1/4 of their money to buy cows & goats, they’ll get much & probably there’ll be no one who have to figt or die for meat queue.




Stop using BlackBerry

Today I decide to stop using BlackBerry.

I sent my last broadcast message last night, so every one in my contact list know.

And a lot of them asked me “why?”.

1st reason is because I deciding to only use 2 phone numbers, 1 on my Samsung Note 3 & another 1 is on my Nokia N8.

2nd reason is because I’m tired. I used to think it’s cool to have a lot of gadgets. But now, I’ve spend too much time on gadgets. I own a lot of social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Line, Instagram & so on. I share a lot of things there. And at first it’s OK for me, but then I spending too much time to manage those accounts. And I didn’t only should manage my cyber world accounts, but also has to manage my gadgets, such as software update.

So, I reducing my gadgets & that’s good for me ^_^