Being a mom make u understand your mom

I watch a TV program Hitam Putih that hosted by Deddy Corbuzier this evening & his guest an artist named Soraya Larasati.

She just giving birth of her daughter & the birth process is kind of hard when at the end her daughter is have to put in ICU for a few days.

But that’s not the part that impress me. But the part when Deddy say “that we’ll understand our parent especially our mother, after we become 1”.

Well, actually that’s not exactly what he said. But moreless. And I realise how true he is.

I can’t say how many times I make my mom mad or dissappointed of me. I also can’t tell how many times I do somethinf wrong just to show her that I know more or better than her (which is totally wrong). And I also can’t count how many times I pissed her off until she cry or even curse me (which I think now, I deserve the worst).

And no matter how much I give her money, buy her things, take her to vacancy, I still think that’s not enough dor her.

Off course now, with Eba as her “new thing to babysit”, I know whatever I give or do for her, nothing will be enough.
And I really sorry for that.

But, for everyday now, I always try to let her know that I appreciate every little thing (nor the big one) she do, I let myself show that I love her and I always tell Eba how precious my mom for me & for him.

I know, whatever I do, give, bring for her, will never be enough to pay what my mom did for me & my siblings. So, I just try to make her proud & happy to be our mom.

“LOVE U MOM, APUS NYAMA (that’s how Eba say “love u nyama”)”