End of 2nd week

After a trial week and 4 days on 2nd week full with tears & screaming, today, it’s going in peace.

I took Eba to his class and he going to his miss Yusti in silence.

Actually, since last Wednesday, he only cry when I bring him to school, while he beg me to let him not going to school.

And today, Eba marching with his friend to the class.

I just keep explaining to Eba that school is good & it’s necessary to make him smart. He can have a lot friends there, he can have extracurriculum like swimming. The best of it, he still can play, have fun & sing a lot of songs.

But, the most important thing to explain that I love him so much & going to school didn’t mean that I dump him.
That every day when school finish, he’ll pick up home & after the day, he finally will meet me again.
That’s the most important thing to let him know.



2nd day

Playgroup 2nd day, still enjoy it because I still in class with him.
Wish Eba still calm when I leave.


1st day on playgroup

Today is the 1st day Eba going to playgroup.
Got those sad feeling to realise that he’s no longer a baby, but hope to see his new adventure “out there”.
Wish everything will be good.


The new house period

This is the 4th or 5th week of cleaning & checking the new house. I keep clean, arrange, moving & arrange some new things.

After moving some Ery’s clothes last week, this week is turn to mine & Eba’s clothes.

Been worry that this period will never finish.
However, Eba start to school next Monday & it’ll be easier to go from my mom’s house rather than from ours.

Oh… but I love our new sofa ^_^