Apus mami

Since got sick 2 weekes ago, Eba getting more stubborn.
Motivated by a desire to discipline him, I became more and more ill-tempered & with regret, I’ve to hit him.
But tonight, in the middle of time I took him to sleep, he just call me & softly said “mami apus”.
Apus is the way he say “I love you”.
So, when he say something cute like that, it erased all of my anger & I know, how hard I try to make him nice & good, he’s just my 2 years old baby boy & I should be more patient next time.
I love you too son, with all my heart.


Just Be by Unsung Lily

They send me message on my You Tube’s page. Introducing themself as a new band.
I just click the link & no regret.
The song is great, the music is great, the voices is great & the clip is good enough.
So, I just share it on my FB.
Wish they gonna have luck with the music ^_^

Eba got a fever

My baby got sick. Started @ 2.15 lt. And he refuse take any medicine, even just a parasetamol.
Get well soon dear, mommy love you 😥