Beauty Treats


I’ve got my box of Beauty Treats last Thurday, but I just open it on Wednesday. 

I can say, what I’ve got is more than I wish, it’s actually better.

This month theme is “back to basic”, which is mean, the box contain everything that can make our skin/face feels good.

I already try some products, honestly, it’s too early to tell the result, but for beginning, the products is great.

So, what’s Beauty Treats?

Base on the site, it’s explain like this : BeautyTreats has as objective to provide the latest, trendiest and best luxurious, high-end and cult beauty products from around the world to your doorstep.

This is the 2nd edition, but for me, this is the 1st box that I’ve got. 

Just love it ^_^


If you win…

The newest quote that I got from Criminal Mind season 8 : “When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less.” By Paul Brown.


Yesterday, I eat too much.

With my intention to be thinner, I really can’t fight my devotion to food & beverages.

I know it should be “eat to live”, but as the matter of fact, for me, sometimes, it’s become “live to eat”.

Back to the cancellation of my daily diet (that used to be on & off ;p), it’s a portion of “babi rica”, “rw” & a bottle of “abon ikan samu” that should be blame 😀


Babi rica is made of pork, sometimes the cook use boar’s meat. It’s very spicy & hot.

Rw is made of dog. Yes, dog 😀 I know that it sounds like I’m a bad person to eat “a man’s friend”, but trust me, it’s worth it, the taste. I can say, it’s 1 of the yummiest food (that I ever eat as long as I live ;p). It’s also spicy & hot, but I thought that’s what make the food taste so good.


Last menu,abon ikan samu, actually I don’t know how to make it, but one of the ingredient is baby fish, in this case, Ifit (my friend, the cook) made it from baby haruan, a kind of frah water fish that’s very general in Banjarmasin.


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Melewatkanmu by Adera

One of my friend, Didi, send a copy of this song to me via BBM. I used to hear it, but just have this time to check the video.
Lovely song… great voice of Adera…

Back to work ^_^

After a week of disaster (no, I won’t write anything about the vacation, but if 1 word could explain everything, it’ll be “Awful”, with a capital A, lol… ), I’ve got back to work & feel great to sat in front of my computer again.

I’m a kind of people that easy to feel bored.

That’s why I need vacation every several months.

Lucky that Ery almost the same like I’m, that’s why we used to plan travelling after several months working hard, even just to visit his parents in Jakarta.

Well, I just glad, I back home safely, still have my job & I enjoy working… Untill the next 3 or 5 months :p