You are more beautiful than you think

I watch this video when I search for video of Maroon 5 on You Tube.

And I like it so much.

I really like the value of this advertisement.

And yes, I think every woman should be gratefull of their natural beauty.

I should be…


Vacation… soon

Today is the end of April, the day walk so fast, but honestly, it’s not fast enough for me.

I need a vacation & it’ll be on next Friday…

Can’t wait, can’t wait @^_^@

So lazy…

This really not a day that will desceibe as an “effective” day being. Since it’s too hot, the only things to do just being lazy.
And I haven’t pack anything for this Friday trip to Jkt.
Ouch… hopefully I won’t forget anything that important & need by Eba x_x

Wrist tattoo

Lately I think to have a new tattoo…. 

I wanna have a cross and stars bracelet on my right hand.

But rather than stars bracelet, maybe put some couraging quote is also a good idea.

 Mmmm… *think, think, think*….



My friends Reza, visit Japan & on Apr. 16th he sent me a beautiful pic of sakura.
What a beautiful spring time *jealousy ;p


American Horror Story : Asylum


American Horror Story : Asylum is the 2nd season of the American FX horror television series American Horror Story.

I missed the 1st season, but I’ll try to catch up with this 2nd.

The story kind of strange & dark, rather than horror that I thought (no ghost no real).

Vivien said the story was annoying but since the 1st season become big in States, I think I’ll watch it by myself.